Steve Carroll

by Steve Carroll

Steve has been riding for 35 years, and is a Senior Computer Specialist at Columbia Services Group Inc. His significant other is Shelia, and the Carroll brood includes Liz Crenshaw (24), grandsons Colin and Jordyn Crenshaw (2), and a granddaughter (2 days old!). Oh yeah, and there's the Chihuahua, Buck Wheat!

Steve's scoots have included a Honda CL350, Yamaha 250 dirt bike, Honda CB 450 (x2), Kawasaki KZ-1000, Honda CB 750, Honda CB 350, Kawasaki Z1, 1975 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing, 1998 Honda GL1500 Gold Wing. His longest motorcycle trip was from Cleveland, TN to Huntsville, AL (for Wing Ding) to Kansas City, MO in one day! The best motorcycle road, he says, is the road up Ochoee Mountain just outside of Cleveland, TN.

"If I were smart, I wouldn't ride," he says. "I would be a lot safer and a lot more comfortable in a convertible. But driving a convertible is not in my blood. I have to ride to live!"

"What I like best about Chapter FL1-A2 is the friendly people. While I am not active in the chapter, I do consider myself fortunate to know Gus, Karen, Kate, Bud, Sonny, John, Charles, and all the other members."

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