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Chapter member photos and biographies:
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Arnold Watts
Bob Carraway
Bob Lumsden
Buck & Carol Harris
Charles Couch
Dave & Pat Ventry
Dean & Ann York
Ed Budzyna
Emma Wood
Faith & Len Martin
Gary Allen
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George Walsh
Glen & Consuelo Rushing
Greg & Carolyn Campbell
Greg Sisk
Gus Daniels
Hugh & Marcy Waller
Jack & Carol Schardine
Janice & Johnny Gargus
Jeff Blair
Jerry & Ann Langley
Jesse & Rita Hodsdon
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Jim Zumbrunn
Jimmy Godwin
John Ferrell
Ken Rouse
Lenton & Leucretia Stephens
Marvin & Jo-Nell Culverson
Mike & Karen Share
Sonny Rollo
Steve Carroll
Wayne Hicks
Wayne Parmer

Chapter Members

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Jim Zumbrunn Jim Zumbrunn displayed his 2002 GL 1800 at the 2005 bike show.
Jimmy Godwin Jimmy Godwin proudly displays his 1989 Gold Wing at the 2004 bike show.
John Ferrell John Ferrell joined the cruiser crowd with his 2002 Kawasaki 1500 Drifter. This was snapped at the 2003 bike show.
Ken Rouse Ken Rouse proudly displays his 2002 Kawasaki Voyager at the 2003 bike show.
Lenton Stephens Left: Lenton Stephens and Feisty the Bear ride a 1999 GL 1500 Special Edition. Feisty was a real hit at the 2003 bike show! Read Lenton's biography.

Right: Leucretia took the riders course and got 100 on the written part and passed the road test the first time (on a two wheeler)! She said if she was going to ride she wanted her own bike, so Santa got her a trike to match Lenton's GL1500. They rode over 200 miles on Christmas 2006!
Leucretia Stephens
Marvin & Jo- Nell Left: Marvin & Jo- Nell Culverson displayed their 2003 Gold Wing 1800 at the 2005 bike show. Right: Marvin brought his 2000 Kawasaki Drifter to the 2004 show. Marvin's Drifter
Mike Left: Mike Share loves to cruise the canopy roads on his 2007 Honda VTX 1800!
Right: Karen says her 2012 Honda VTX 1300 is the best bike ever! Read Karen's biography.
Sonny and Wing Left: Sonny Rollo has shown us many of the local back roads on his 1988 Gold Wing 1500. Right: He displayed his 2003 Kawasaki Drifter 1500 at the 2003 and 2004 bike shows. Sonny and Drifter
Steve and Buck Wheat Steve Carroll and Buck Wheat. Read Steve's biography.
Wayne Hicks You'd be as happy as Wayne Hicks if you won the grand prize and first place in the poker run at the Panama City rally on October 6, 2001! What a guy; he donated half the prize back to the P.C. Chapter!
Wayne Parmer Wayne Parmer and his Kawasaki Nomad (in disguise).
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