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Chapter Event Photos
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Chapter Event Photos:
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Alday grave site trip
Apalachicola trip
Bike show 2001
Bike show 2003
Bike show 2004
Bike show 2005
Bike show 2007
Bike show 2012
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Cedar Key slide show
Chapter picnic 2001
Chapter picnic 2003
Chapter picnic 2004
Christmas 2003
Christmas 2014
Donation to Hospice
Dothan Powersports
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Gainesville rally
Lunker Lodge trip
Rally 2003 slide show
Rally 2004 slide show
St. Marks lighthouse trip
Westville, Georgia trip
Wing Ding 2001

Chapter Events

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Gainesville rally
Charles at Gainesville rally

Several Chapter members attended the Chapter FL1-Y rally at the Gainesville fairgrounds on May 12, 2001. Left photo: Charles doing what he does best, schmoozing with Florida District Director Bob Shrader. Right photo: Mike and Karen doing what they do best.

Mike and Karen at Gainesville rally

Lunker Lodge trip
Lunker Lodge trip

It's never too far to ride for breakfast! On May 17, 2003 this bunch rode to Lunker Lodge on Lake Seminole. Seated, left to right: Bryan Eiler, Janice Gargus, Jack Schardine, Carol Ergenbright, and Bob Carraway. Standing: Wayne Hicks, Johnny Gargus, Charles Couch, Marta & Frank McKenzie, Faith Martin, and Mike & Karen Share.

Rally 2003
Rally 2003

A little inclement weather doesn't stop the Canopy Road Cruisers! Check out the slide show of our rally on February 22, 2003.

Rally 2004
Rally 2004

Wow, what a fabulous turnout we had at our rally on February 21, 2004! Check out the slide show.

St. Marks lighthouse trip
St. Marks lighthouse trip

In spring 2001 these beach bums took a leisurely ride to the St. Marks lighthouse. Left to right: George & Mary Ann McKee, Charles Couch, and Carol & Buck Harris.

Westville, Georgia trip
Westville trip

We couldn't miss this photo op on the way back from historic Westville, Georgia. Some of these old fogies actually remember when Cokes were five cents!

Wing Ding 2001
Side trip to Clemson University

Several members were lucky enough to make it to Wing Ding XXIII July 3 to 6, 2001 in Greenville, S.C. Charles Couch, Carol Harris and Hugh Waller took a side trip to Clemson University to see where the Seminoles would stomp the Tigers (41-27) on November 3, 2001.

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