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Chapter Event Photos
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Chapter Event Photos:
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Alday grave site trip
Apalachicola trip
Bike show 2001
Bike show 2003
Bike show 2004
Bike show 2005
Bike show 2007
Bike show 2012
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Cedar Key slide show
Chapter picnic 2001
Chapter picnic 2003
Chapter picnic 2004
Christmas 2003
Christmas 2014
Donation to Hospice
Dothan Powersports
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Gainesville rally
Lunker Lodge trip
Rally 2003 slide show
Rally 2004 slide show
St. Marks lighthouse trip
Westville, Georgia trip
Wing Ding 2001

Chapter Events

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Alday grave site trip
Alday grave site trip

On April 14, 2001 Arnold Watts took this great shot when we visited the Alday family grave site at the Spring Creek Baptist Church. Six family members were tragically murdered in 1973 in Seminole County, Georgia. Left photo, from left to right: Charles Couch, Karen Krebs (Share), Mike Share, Lenton Stephens, Pat & David Ventry, Janice & Johnny Gargus, Frank McKenzie, and John Bartlow.

Apalachicola trip
Apalachicola trip departure     Rest stop Leaving Apalachicola

Left photo: getting ready to saddle up at departure point #1, Hardee's on North Monroe Street. Left to right: Wayne Parmer, Karen Krebs (Share), John Bartlow, Frank McKenzie, and Johnny & Janice Gargus. Center photo: rest stop. Left to right: Charles & Linda Couch and Wayne Parmer. Right photo: mass confusion while getting ready to leave Apalachicola. Left to right: Charles & Linda Couch, Sim Dekle, Margaret & Wayne Parmer, and Brenda Dekle.

Bike show 2001
2001 bike show

On August 4, 2001 we wow-ed the shoppers at Tallahassee Mall with our annual bike show. Click on the picture to see Hugh Waller, Karen Krebs (Share), Fonda Watts, Sim Dekle, Ken Rouse, George Walsh, Wayne Parmer, Greg Campbell, Sonny Rollo, Buck Harris, Jay (from Chapter FL1-S, Zephyrhills), Lenton Stephens, Mike Share, Marvin Culverson, Bob Lumsden, Richard Pulliam, and Cliff Mathis.

Bike show 2003
2003 bike show

Again we wow-ed the shoppers at Tallahassee Mall with our shiny bikes (one wash a year never hurt anyone)! Click on the picture to see Ken Rouse, Carolyn Campbell, Emma Wood, John Ferrell, Charles Couch, Wayne Parmer, Sonny Rollo, Assistant District Director Jack Birge, Hugh Waller, and Lenton Stephens.

Bike show 2004
2004 bike show

Another successful show at Tallahassee Mall! Click on the picture to see Wayne Parmer, Michael Mayer, Bob Carraway, George Walsh, Emma Wood, Buck Harris, Bryan Eiler, Dean York, Karen Share, Jimmy Godwin, Assistant District Director Jack Birge, Ann York, Ken Rouse, Sonny Rollo, Charles Couch, Hugh Waller, and Lenton Stephens.

Bike show 2005
2005 bike show

We had a great turnout for this year's show! This year we were joined by the Florida GWRRA Couple of the Year (right photo). Click on the photos for a larger image and all the names!

2005 bike show

Bike show 2007
2007 bike show

This year's show was a big hit at Governors Square Mall! Photos taken by Bob Carraway and Jack Schardine.

Bike show 2012
2012 bike show

We had a great turnout this year at Tallahassee Mall with a prime spot next to the food court! Photos taken by Jack Schardine.

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