Karen E. Share

by Karen E. Share

I started riding in July 1977 after graduating from the University of Michigan. Now what to do? Where to go? Back to Philadelphia? :-( Learning to ride a bike and seeing the country sounded like a great idea!

With Jack Kerouac's On the Road in my back pocket, I set out on a Honda 350/4 to discover America! After stopping in Helena, Montana to see my old college roommate, I headed up to Glacier National Park. Due to fatigue and inexperience, I had a wreck in British Columbia and was laid up in Spokane, WA for a month.

My other trusty scoots included a Honda 550/4, Honda 500 Silver Wing, Honda 700 Magna, Kawasaki 750 Vulcan, Honda 1100 Shadow Spirit, Honda 1100 Shadow Touring Ace, and the best of all, my current Honda VTX 1300.

To make a long story short, I ended up living in the Big Easy (New Orleans) from 1978 to 1987. When I first arrived all I had was the 350/4, a sleeping bag and saddlebags with all my worldly goods! The 350/4 met its demise when a lady didn't see me at night in the rain.

In 1987 I got fed up with the floods, crime, pollution, poor job market, drunks, etc., and set out for a new life in Tallahassee. I was moving up in the world and now owned a Magna and a Chevette full of my worldly goods! I got a "real" job with Leon County, and then the State. I have worked in Human Resources for over 18 years, and finished graduate school at FSU at night. In 2001 I went to webmaster school and started doing web site testing for the State. Now that I'm old and responsible I don't get to take as many long trips.

I have gone across country at least six times, mostly solo. One of the best trips was when the late Woodstock and I went to the first Women and Motorcycling National Conference in 1997 in Westerville, Ohio. That dog is a great traveler and gets all the attention! The late Snoopy has also put on her share of miles, and has been in a few motorcycle magazines! I also had the honor of serving as a Principal Rider in memory of my best friend, Kathy Ware, for the 1998 Pony Express relay to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Everyone knows the love of my life, Mike. On October 18, 2002 we both married our best friend! Our current puppy, Sally Ann, prefers staying home and eating to riding. We enjoy getting out on the VTXs on weekends and discovering new places to ride with the friendly members of Chapter FL1-A2.

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