Biography of Jack Schardine

My first recollection of motorcycles was my Dad's yellow 61 cubic inch Harley Davidson. He put me on an old two stroke "Chek" at the age of ten. Some of the kids in the neighborhood passed me on their bicycles because Dad only showed me first gear.

I worked in a Harley shop all summer between the seventh and eighth grades to earn my first motor, a Wizzer in a box. I mounted it on my 26 inch bicycle. During my senior year of high school I worked in a garage to buy my first big bike, a 1948 Indian Chief. I stored the Chief at a friend's house when I joined the Army a couple of years later. While in Germany, I purchased an old two stroke 250 cc "Puch". After being discharged, I mounted the Chief long enough to burn it up on the drag strip.

I married in 1965 and my son was born a year later. His grandmother disowned me when I strapped Little John to the back of my Suzuki Titan 500 at the age of two. We moved from Cincinnati to West Palm Beach in the early seventies. I rode the Titan while my wife and Little John followed in our VW Beetle. I traded the Titan for a new 750 Suzuki "Water Buffalo".

Most of my working career was with Detroit Diesel. I worked as a mechanic, foreman, service manager, instructor, and branch manager.

I divorced in the early eighties. My son graduated from Florida State University with a degree in criminology. He has two wonderful girls. He spent time as a motorcycle cop, and is now a sergeant for the Maitland Police Force.

I met Carol in 1991. Our relationship has been the best thing in my life. It's not often you find a lady that likes to ride and camp as much as I do. We have ridden thousands of miles all over the U.S.

I have owned many types and makes of motorcycles. My first Gold Wing was a 1980 Standard which I dressed out with a Vetter fairing, bags, and trunk. It took me on my first cross country ride to the 1986 Wing Ding in Santa Cruz, California. I have also owned 1986 and 1988 Gold Wings, all accumulating many thousands of great riding fun.

We moved to Tallahassee in the early nineties. I was riding a 1992 Yamaha Venture Royal. That is when I first met the Canopy Road Cruisers. It was a great help finding new friends.

Probably my best and longest ride was in 1998. After I retired from Detroit Diesel, I took my first Honda ST1100 and Time Out Camper around the perimeter of the United States. I covered 10,000 miles in five weeks!

Beside Carol, my son, my grandchildren and my faith, motorcycling is my life!

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