Meet Bob Carraway

by Bob Carraway

Bob lived seven miles south of Quincy, FL. in a log home. Single, old, white male lived alone because all significants made a better deal. He was in the U.S. Army - 65th Shawnee Braves (Helicopter Co). Bob owned a mobile feed mill. He also was an insurance adjuster for 12 years.

Then he owned Carraway Sales Co. (your-assets in fine furniture) (Kuntree Furniture). He was the Plant Manager for Neste's (Friskies Pet Care) cat litter plant in Quincy, FL. for 14 years (produced 50,000 tons per year!). Bob retired at 55 and went into the cell phone business for another four years, and then quit.

He owned three Cushmans, three Hondas, three Yamahas, and two Wings. Bob liked photography, boating, fishing, sailing, women, and motorcycles.

His father was in business for 42 years in Quincy (deceased).

Happy trails,
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