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Chapter History

Sonny and Ann
A classy outfit for traveling

... is this Honda with a touring trailer which holds up to 200 or 300 pounds of clothing at a total cost of $10,000. Sonny and Ann Rollo from Tallahassee don't have to overload on their tours.

Panama City News-Herald   April 25, 1982

When Sonny and Ann Rollo helped start the Chapter in early 1982, a Gold Wing cost a whopping $2,500 to $7,500, or up to $8,000 with all the goodies! The Chapter began as part of Chapter Q in Panama City, and later broke off into P. C.'s Chapter L and Tallahassee's Chapter A. When Florida was split into FL1 and FL2, we became Chapter FL1-A2.

Various Area Representatives (now called Chapter Directors) took the helm over the years. Here is the list Sonny and Ann could recall:

  • Ralph Solarno: 1982
  • Henry Cotton: 1983 - 1985
  • Duke Stevens: 1986 - 1988
  • Sonny Rollo: 1988 - 1993
  • Louis Hurst: 1993 - 1994
  • Don Broxson: 1994 - 1995
  • Charles Couch: 1995 - 1999
  • John Bartlow: 1999 - 2000
  • Charles Couch: 2000 - 2001
  • Hugh Waller: 2001 - 2004
  • Lenton Stephens: 2004 - 2014
  • Glen Rushing: 2015
  • Michael Willis: 2016 - 2017

As Ride Coordinator for many years, Sonny led us on many rides throughout the years to interesting tucked-away places such as Lunker Lodge, Steinhatchee, Cedar Key, and many more. You can bet he knows all the great places to eat within 200 miles!

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